New Book: Innovating in a Service-Driven Economy: Insights, Application, and Practice (October 2015)

The global digital revolution has changed consumer society, service expectations, and funding models forever. Value Driven Service Innovation explores these changes from the perspectives of leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of innovation today.


‘The SIT model is a comprehensive yet intuitive model for developing innovation. I have applied the model in various ways: both as a basis for meetings globally, and as a tool for developing my company’s strategy. The model has been great for both purposes. It incorporates the view of the service society better than previous models I have applied.’

– Peter T. Thomson, Founder and CEO of EDI-Soft

‘For many of us, great service is a natural and intuitive skill, so it is useful and thought-provoking to have such a well-researched and thought out model as the Service Innovation Triangle to provide some structure and theoretical basis, particularly in a world where technology and customer expectations are driving an ever-increasing need for innovation.’

– Richard Quarterman, Service Innovation Manager, Waitrose.

‘Innovating in a Service-Driven Economy is required reading for innovation professionals and policymakers alike. The book introduces a compelling new model of the innovation process in services firms and offers a series of captivating case studies that explore enterprises’ successes and failures through the prism of the Service Innovation Triangle. The authors complement this with insightful interviews with leading innovation thinkers and practitioners that yield constructive and penetrating insights into the innovation process at the enterprise and national levels.’

– Robert D. Atkinson, founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

‘The Service Innovation Triangle offers both a practical and well-researched approach to understanding the drivers of innovation in the fast-evolving global business environment. Innovative business models built around the demands of consumers across all sectors for personalised service and digital connectivity will be the future foundation for sustainable consumer loyalty.’

– Peter G Wray, Founder and Chairman, loyaltymatters.com


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