This is a list of recent publications that I have authored or co-authored.

Innovating in a Service-Driven Economy

The global digital revolution has changed consumer society, service expectations, and funding models forever. Value Driven Service Innovation explores these changes from the perspectives of leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of innovation today.

For more information visit Palgrave Macmillan.

Innovation in an Advanced Consumer Society

Explains why the nature of innovation changes in an advanced consumer society that exists in a digitally, globally connected world. Helps to identify the best opportunities for continual improvement and radical development. Provides a practical methodology and tool for understanding the current state of innovation in an organisation.

For more information visit Oxford University Press.

Innovation and Culture in Public Services

There is a growing trend toward the integration of public and private entities in the delivery of public services. This book aims to improve the ability to innovate successfully in large-scale public/private endeavors. The authors develop an underpinning theory of innovation, and extend it to address key issues in public/private collaboration. As an example, they explore the subject of independent living for seniors and disabled people across four countries – the US, UK, Norway and Japan.

For more information visit Edward Elgar.